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Organizational Assessment and Redesign

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Organizational Assessment and Redesign

The experienced, knowledgeable team at RSFHA will conduct a thorough evaluation of your practice and help you redesign your operations to be more efficient, profitable, and compliant.

Comprehensive Practice Assessments

Redesigning your practice starts with a thorough assessment of your current operations. Our team of experts will assess all aspects of your practice, from the time a patient first contacts your office through the point you receive payment for your services. We’ll examine patient access, scheduling, front desk procedures and patient flow, provider productivity, billing and collections, budgeting, staffing and management, strategic growth, and more.

We summarize our findings and recommendations in a comprehensive report that serves as a blueprint for your future success. Best of all, our expert team is available to help you implement any or all of our recommendations at a price you can afford.

While we can customize our assessment to suit the needs of your practice, our assessment typicallyincludes:

  • Patient-centered access issues
  • Team-based care
  • Population health management and use of IT
  • Care management and coordination
  • Performance measurement and quality improvement
  • Organization and management issues

Overhead Analysis: Knowing Where Your Money Goes

Where does all your hard-earned money go? Surprisingly, many physicians can’t readily answer that question. First, we’ll carefully analyze where you’re spending money. Then, we’ll compare your performance to best practices in the industry to help you identify areas for cost savings.

Based on your specialty and your practice’s unique needs, we’ll develop a budget to manage your expenses going forward. We can also identify group purchasing and other options that will save you money on many of your biggest expenses.

Fee Analysis: Optimize Your Reimbursement

Setting your fees properly is the crucial first step in optimizing your reimbursement. Our expert billing and coding specialists will review and update your fee schedule to ensure that you are maximizing paymentfor the services you provide without risking non-compliance.