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Practice Management and Growth

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Practice Management and Growth

Managing your practice for success starts with having the right governance models and decision support plans to maintain an efficient practice and minimize disagreements among partners. The experts at RSFHA can help you with practice planning, physician/co-owner arrangements, group dynamics, leadership development, governance issues, and staff recruitment and retention.

Practice Management Support: Coming to Your Rescue

In today’s complex healthcare environment, even the best practice managers need support during times of uncertainty, plus advice for handling challenging situations, and in-depth, up-to-date information on everything from regulatory changes to transitioning to population health.

That’s where our expert healthcare consultants come to your rescue. Over the past three decades, we’ve helped hundreds of practices with interim and ongoing practice management services. We can provide as much or as little support as your individual practice requires.

Recruitment and Retention: Getting the Team of Your Dreams

Making your patients satisfied starts with hiring the right employees and keeping them happy and productive. RSFHA can review all or part of your current HR practices to make sure you’re using industry best practices to identify, recruit, and retain the right staff.

We’ve recruited hundreds of highly qualified physicians and employees over the years. Let us help you with this important and time-consuming task – from developing hiring criteria to screening, checking references, and interviewing qualified candidates to make sure they’re the best fit.

We can also review and revise your HR policies and procedures to ensure that you’re complying with labor laws and documentation requirements, setting clear and consistent expectations and holding employees accountable. Taken together, these measures will help you recruit and retain the ‘team of your dreams.’

Marketing and Growth: Building for the Future

A continuing flow of new patients is critical to maintaining and growing your business. The RSFHA team can help you develop and implement cost-effective marketing strategies using both online and traditional media to keep new patients coming to your practice, then provide excellent customer service so they continue coming back.