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Profitability and Cost Containment

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Profitability and Cost Containment

Making your practice more profitable starts with making it accessible and welcoming to your patients. It doesn’t end until your patients and staff are satisfied and you’ve collected payment for your services. Our skilled healthcare consultants conduct a thorough assessment of your practice, then develop a strategic plan to maximize your bottom line.

Revenue Enhancement: Optimize Patient Flow and Profits

Using our vast experience and healthcare reimbursement knowledge, RSFHA will help you analyze and optimize your patient flow. Capturing revenues begins the moment a patient contacts your practice, and having the right front desk procedures can make the difference between a thriving practice and one that is struggling. We’ll help you implement best practices for verifying insurance, collecting co-insurance, and keeping patients happy.

Monitoring your key practice indicators is also an integral part of your practice management, forming the basis for critical strategic decisions. After assessing your practice, we develop and implement a customized system to help you track the statistics that are most important to your business. Then we develop short and long-range plans to make your practice more profitable.

Cost Containment: Cutting Expenses Without Cutting Quality

From negotiating the best group-purchasing deals to efficiently using resources and ensuring optimal staffing, the skilled team at RSFHA can help you cut expenses without undercutting your quality or service. We help you streamline your operations and increase efficiency.

Top-performing medical practices know that the right ratio of ancillary staff to physicians can make your physicians more efficient and save you money.

We’ll establish and help you adhere to a budget, with timely reports that allow you to spot problem areas before they become crises.