Plan Is the Good Four-Letter Word

We focus on the “plan” in estate planning. For sophisticated families, estate planning is an ongoing process beginning with a strong foundation, and iterative changes and improvements designed to meet family objectives as the family evolves. Often times, individuals, families, and businesses delay or ignore gift, trust & estate planning because it is perceived as time consuming, forcing tough decisions, and costly. However, we advise our clients that failing to plan is at best a missed opportunity and at worst an unforced error that could expose your estate nightmares, including unforeseen liabilities and inaccessible assets. Effective estate planning is simply the right thing to do for your family and business interests.

Why partner with RS&F?

Our team has prepared estate plans for many families and family offices with complex and sophisticated financial situations. Our team regularly leads the estate planning for some of the wealthiest families in the country. Such families have substantial assets, active foundations, and hold complex assets, including closely held business interests, aircraft, yachts, and artwork. We have a planning team, including tax attorneys, dedicated to helping our clients proactively plan for estates and transactions through a lens of practical advisors. Since we also perform tax compliance, we understand the how the art of an estate plan translates into the science of a tax return. Further, we are creative in our planning guidance while keeping risk management in mind.

The ROI on proper planning is significant

Estate planning is complicated! The process entails enough acronyms to make your head spin – CLAT, CRUT, GST, GRAT, etc. This complexity is not to be feared, as it is important to work with advisors who understand the nuances of family gift, trust & estate planning to meet the unique needs of each individual family. The federal and state tax codes are inherently designed to extract tax dollars from taxpayers who have worked hard to earn income and generate wealth. Making the investment of time and resources will mitigate the taxes paid to the government and position a family to efficiently perpetuate wealth. Additionally, the planning process will also garner important discussions about the future of a family and the disposition of their underlying assets for future generations.

Family Gift, Trust & Estate Planning Services

We provide various gift, trust and estate planning services to support clients and their families. Areas of expertise include:

  • Charitable giving strategies
  • Legacy planning
  • Risk management, including insurance needs assessment
  • Tax liability analysis
  • Trust and entity selection
  • Wealth transfer strategies
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