Make Sure You Are on Focused on State and Local Taxes

State and local taxes are ever changing since the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. Supreme Court decision in 2018. Many taxpayers now find themselves having a taxable presence in states in which they did not previously have a requirement to file. States have been modifying their laws since this decision. It is crucial to make sure you are on top of your business and personal filing requirements.

Why partner with RS&F?

Let our team of tax professionals help you navigate the state and local regulations to ensure you are paying to the appropriate amount of taxes to the correct jurisdictions. We will help you implement strategies to ensure you are filing correctly, limit your tax burden and make the most of your financial situation.

We are both strategic and practical

State and local tax compliance is not just a compliance exercise. Decisions regarding where to do business, employ personnel, and locate fixed assets can impact your tax exposure. Strategic decisions should be considered before investing resources into decisions that may be difficult to unwind. We think like owners, therefore we consider the opportunities and challenges of business decisions compared with potential state and local tax implications.

State and Local Tax Services

We provide a variety of state and local tax consulting, planning, and compliance services to support clients. Areas of expertise include:

Income and franchise tax

  • Nexus studies
  • Tax provision analysis
  • State tax apportionment review
  • Tax return analysis

Sales and use tax

  • Nexus studies
  • Revers audits / sales tax recovery
  • Sales tax exemptions

Real and personal property tax

  • Property tax assessment appeals
  • Exemption analysis
  • Ghost assets

Voluntary disclosure and tax dispute resolution

  • State tax audit assistance
  • Amnesty negotiations

Credits and incentives

  • Identify and analyze tax credits and incentives
  • Capital investment
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